Pre-Order/Backorder Policy

A pre-order is defined as any item not currently in stock at the time of purchase. Any item that is a pre-order item will have the term "pre order, preorder, or pre-order" in the title or description of the product when you make your purchase. In the event the title or description does not include the term "pre-order" you will be notified via the contact method you used to make the purchase that the item was a pre-order or back-ordered item, and given an estimated date of shipment of the item(s) purchased.


By placing a pre-order/backorder with Games For Meeple, you are agreeing to all of the following terms and conditions, refund & return policies, shipping policies, pre-order and backorder policy, and any other applicable polices to any purchase made.


Barring any manufacturing/allocation issues, you are guaranteed the item you pre-ordered. Your pre-order will be shipped as soon as we receive stock.


Below is some useful information about our pre-order policy:

- All pre-orders will be charged at full at the time of purchase.


- If we lower the price of a Pre-Order product before its release date you will be credited the difference on a gift card/store credit which can be redeemed online or in-store on a future purchase. If we raise the price of a Pre-Order product, the cost to you will not change*.


- All release dates are estimates from the supplier / manufacturer.


- All preorders are subject to suppliers allocation and ARE NOT guaranteed on or after release date.


- If there are any allocation issues, delays, backorders which are all out of our control, we will make an exception with no penalty fees and provide you with a full refund of the original payment if you choose not to be waitlisted for a restock. No subsitution will be provided. 

- We make no guarantee that items will arrive to you by release date or estimated shipment date,  particularly given the methods in which manufacturers of the products we sell have been releasing products (waves, spread over a length of time). We have 120 Days from the actual release date of a pre-order item or when we have been told by our suppliers/distribution the product will not arrive, whichever occurs sooner, to fulfill pre-orders before refunds will be processed automatically. We have 30 days or when we have been told by our suppliers/distribution the product will not arrive, whichever occurs sooner, to fulfill back-orders before refunds will be processed automatically. You may contact us at with any questions, concerns or comments.

- Allocation, and unforeseen issues may arise preventing us from fulfilling all Pre-Orders and back-orders. By purchasing a pre-order you understand that this may occur and will not hold us responsible for a delay in shipment. We reserve the right to refund any order due to any issue stated herein in accordance with out policies. 

*Price adjustments at the distribution level may require us to contact you regarding a price increase - should you not wish to pay the increased price we will gladly offer a full refund. Prices are subject to error and us contacting you would be notice that a price was in error.


**A Product has been released once the "Pre-Order" text in its name has been removed. Release dates are subject to change due to errors or delays in regards to publishing, distribution and/or other unforeseen circumstances.